Morris Dancing

LOMM were formed in 1977 by a group of dancers from the Gloucester & Stroud area. They were renowned not only for their dancing, but as fine musicians and singers. In many ways this start was reminiscent of the village and family traditions of early Morris Sides.

The side owes its name to an old oak tree to be found near the centre of Lassington Wood at Highnam, Gloucestershire. Unfortunately the old oak has been lying on its side for many a year, but a new tree planted by the side is flourishing.

We dance in the Cotswold Tradition, performing dances from a variety of villages including Bampton, Bledington, Adderbury and Fieldtown

Morris Dancing should be an energetic and competitive sport, LOMM are keen to show anyone who is watching that what we do is not only a living part of the traditional heritage of the country, but also, a good fun tradition to be involved in.

LOMM are a member of the Morris Ring, an organisation which works to promote, preserve, and maintain the tradition of Morris Dancing.