Lassington Oak Morris Men are now recruiting

The practice season has begun so learn to morris dance with the energetic and friendly Lassington Oak Morris Men. Members of all ages welcome. Keep fit and drink ale at the same time. Best of all it’s completely free!

Every Wednesday 8pm at the Old School Rooms (part of Highnam Community Centre smallest building at the back), Newent Rd, Highnam, Glos, GL2 8DG.

Just turn up and give it a go or email for more information.

Anker Ring meeting 2015

A Mayhem of Morrismen

A Mayhem of Morrismen

Anker Morris Men’s 40th birthday celebrations seemed the perfect opportunity for some of the younger members of the side to experience a meeting of the Morris ring. I believe that Lassington Oak hasn’t attended a ring meeting for around ten years making this a special weekend for us as well.

The weekend kicked off on Friday with food at the venue and a great session at the White Lion thanks to Jess and Richard Arrowsmith for hosting it.

Saturday was full of dancing at various locations around Nuneaton with plenty of singing and tunes on the bus. The quality of the dancing from everyone was high and we were pleased that our dancing was well received.

The weekend finished with more display and massed dances from the various sides involved on the Sunday unfortunately we needed to leave a little early and didn’t see the weekend through to the complete end.

Thank you Anker for a superbly organised and thoroughly enjoyable weekend we’re looking forward to seeing all of you again at your ale.