A great night was had last night in Ledbury, at the Market place, and the Talbot Inn.

The evening was gloriously warm, and the evening sun cast a wonderful light upon the gathered morris men dancing in the arena that is Ledburys Market house.  There was a good turn out of Dancers and Spectators, and much enjoyment was had as we danced on the precariously slippery and uneven surface that paves the ground.  Thanks to Eden Tanner for the great photo, including the warning against causing “noise or disturbance”  I’m sure that we did out fair share!



After an energetic start we headed off to the Prince of wales, for a pint or two, a song, and a photo in the last of the evening light. (Thanks again Eden for another great shot)


After a quick turn around we headed to our final spot in the Talbot, a deathly quiet spot last year, proved to be a lively night for us this year.  The courtyard was small, cobbled, and had interesting hazards like hanging baskets, but we managed to squeeze in a good number, including Vandels of Hammerwich.

LOMMLedburyTalbotA number of local lads also managed to be talked into joining in with the Bonnie Green, which is always good.

Once the light had truly gone we retired into the Pub and were greeted by a round of drinks from the landlord.  We responded to this with a jolly good session of music and songs, including a song from Richard aptly about 14th of May, and Bill who delighted with his rendition of the wild rover to the tune of the banana boat song…