Morris Season starts TODAY

LOMM 1stMay MistDance

On a cold and misty morning a strange hoard of people made their way up May hill in Gloucestershire, The Mist was thick, occasional disturbed by the thin beam of a torch, or the ghostly glow of a High Visibility Jacket.  The masses approached from all angles, and with no apparent pattern or order, grouped near the trees which stand huddled in a circle at the Peak of the hill.

LOMM 1stMay Mist Light

The normally stunning panoramic view was limited to 10yards or so… As the dawn broke and the sun rose(?) the murky fog lightened and brightened but still didn’t let up!  Lassington Oak Morris Men took the first dance, Eight men up for Vandals of Hammerwich, we were followed by Forest of Dean Morris Men, and Wild oats.  then followed a Speech by a Druid, Then back to LOMM for another Eight Man dance, Sherrifs Ride.

May Hill Brewery provided Drinks all round, and after another round of Dances from Forest of Dean and Wild Oats, LOMM decided to try something which has (According to Bills Memory) never been managed by LOMM up Mayhill before… TWELVE men up for Bluebells of Scotland.

LOMM 1stMay HankyLOMM 1stMay 12Menup

Waves were made by all in the direction of Kits Coty where we knew others would also be dancing, and then, still surrounded by mist everyone danced the Bonnie green around the circle of trees, this was an amazing sight as through the mist dancing silhouettes in all directions could be seen.

LOMM 1stMay BonnieGreen

We then split off into three directions, some had to return to work, some went to May Hill Village hall for Breakfast, and others went to the Pub in Gloucester for Breakfast.

The Dancing continued in Gloucester where we met up with Stroud Ladies Morris, and Styx of Stroud, a number of dances where performed in the high street before the need for a drink meant we found ourselves in the Fountain Inn.

LOMM 1stMay Fountain Group

And for another change of venue the dancing then moved on to the Pop-Up Folk festival in Painswick, this proved a difficult spot as the Sunsihe was still being elusive, and the rain was winning out, the conditions were not improved by the fact that we found ourselves dancing on gravel!  not so difficult for the dainty Stroud Ladies, but the men of LOMM, and the dancers of Styx Soon found themselves digging holes!

LOMM 1stMay Painswick