Chippenham Folk Festival

A smashing day was had at Chippenham!


11:30 til 12:00 Rose and Crown – With Motley Morris

12:30 til 12:45 Arena Stage 1 – Four high energy dances!

13.00 til 13:30 Borough Parade – With Devizes Jubilee Morris and Pub lunch 🙂

14:30 til 15:00 Rose and Cown – With Devizes Jubilee Morris




A Wonderful evening was had this Wednesday the 21 May dancing at the Falcon and the Royal oak in Painswick.


The frivolities started off in the courtyard of the Falcon, with a good sized multinational crowd.  the party then navigated its way to the Royal oak for more dancing and musical finale!

Many thanks to the chefs of the Falcon, for providing “hankies” for the spectators to join in with, and for the Royal oak for providing ht atmosphere for the music session afterwards.

Morris Season starts TODAY

LOMM 1stMay MistDance

On a cold and misty morning a strange hoard of people made their way up May hill in Gloucestershire, The Mist was thick, occasional disturbed by the thin beam of a torch, or the ghostly glow of a High Visibility Jacket.  The masses approached from all angles, and with no apparent pattern or order, grouped near the trees which stand huddled in a circle at the Peak of the hill. Continue reading