Kits Coty


The Kits Coty weekend got going on Friday night with a session at the Swann Inn in Maidstone with lots of tunes and ale as you would expect great fun had by all. Then an early start (sore head optional depending on the amount consumed the night before) at the Society Rooms for the first set of dancing, but only after a fry up to give us the energy boost needed. We then moved on and danced in the centre of Maidstone near the old canon (not a pub to Bill’s disgust) before catching the ferry up the river Medway lots of singing ensued but sadly no “chicken on a raft”. Lunch stop and more dancing outside the Malta Inn, followed by a bus tour and more singing on a very full bus. Dancing on the bridge at Aylesford was good fun and the gentlemen of the group had a uplifting view of Loose women dancing. A quick Ale was consumed then it was back onto the bus for more singing. We finished the dancing part of the tour back in Maidstone town centre where certain members of Lassington Oak swapped kits with Loose women, names have been taken and punishment will be given on the squires tour. The weekend ended with a great session (even better than the night before despite being tired out) at the Dog and Gun.


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